Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nine year old Syrian boy finds peace in Sweden

Meet The 9-Year-Old Boy Who Found Sanctuary From The Horrors Of Syria In Snowy Sweden.  “I
 just want to live a new life, far from violence, killing, and war.”

In 2012, Mahmoud and his family fled their hometown of Aleppo, in Syria, as civil war raged in the country.

They settled in Egypt, renting a small flat in the suburbs of Cairo.

Mahmoud’s father Mohamed Farid also saw no future for his eldest child in Egypt and eventually took the harrowing decision to put his son on an illegal boat to Italy, alone.

However, the boat Mahmoud took was fired upon before it even left Egyptian waters.

The young boy then spent the next five days in a detention centre without his family.  When he returned to Cairo the bullying resumed but he remained resolute.  The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) presented Mahmoud’s case to the Swedish government after it began accepting Syrain refugees and in December 2013, Mahmoud and his family were informed they were being relocated.
What happened next turned his and his family’s life around.
“When I first heard I was going to travel, I was so happy,” said Mahmoud.
"When I first heard I was going to travel, I was so happy," said Mahmoud.